Your Comprehensive Guide to Fun Attractions Near Energy Services Locations

As your trusted provider for Heating Repair, Heater Installation, and Heating Service, Energy Services is committed to integrating ourselves with the local communities we serve. We operate against a backdrop of several vibrant neighborhoods in Illinois that make being part of these communities truly delightful.

Experience Naperville

A stone’s throw away from our Naperville location, the city unfolds a world of fun-filled opportunities. Taste the excitement of premium concerts and outdoor events at Naperville’s Naper Settlement, or embark on a nostalgic adventure visiting the Naperville Historic District. Likewise, the renowned Art League offers a perfect day out for art enthusiasts.

Aurora, often referred to as “The City of Lights,” brings together the warmth of small-town charm and the convenience of a vibrant, bustling city. It is home to a variety of entertainment, from the Phillips Park Zoo to the blissful trails at Gilman Trail, there’s always something fun to see and do near our Aurora location.

Tantalize Your Senses in Downers Grove and Geneva

Downers Grove is not just about amazing Heating Service or Furnace Repair; it’s also a paradise for food lovers. Don’t miss the fun of indulging in the local food scene post your visit to our Energy Services center.

Geneva is a treasure chest of cultural attractions. After availing our Furnace Replacement services, unwind at the Fabyan Villa Museum and Japanese Garden or delight your senses by visiting the Geneva Wine Cellars and Tasting Room.

Glide Through Oswego and Glen Ellyn

Oswego champions outdoor fun with an array of parks and trails. Stopping by our Oswego location can turn into a day filled with nature fun at Saw Wee Kee Park.

Glen Ellyn, known for its beauty, history and community spirit, offers a variety of fun activities. From the Cleve Carney Museum of Art to the Willowbrook Wildlife Center, Glen Ellyn’s attractions are sure to captivate.

As a community partner, Energy Services wants to make sure your interaction with us goes beyond the standard provision of Heating Services. Visit us and explore these exciting locales!

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