The Remarkable Story of Roofing in New York: Featuring KNA Roofing

Once upon a time, in the bustling neighborhoods of New York, the skyline was dominated by rooftops of varying styles and designs. Every shingle, every edge seemed to tell a story of its time. Leading the charge in preserving and beautifying this skyline was KNA Roofing.

Transforming Ridgewood & Jackson Heights, NY

In neighborhoods like Ridgewood and Jackson Heights, KNA Roofing emerged as the go-to service for new roof installations. These areas, known for their historic charm, saw a transformation in their visuals thanks to the company’s professional approach and keen eye for design. The houses began to boast stunning, top-notch roofs that not only served as a shield, but also enhanced their aesthetic appeal. Check out some of our striking New Roof Installations, for a clearer idea of our craftsmanship.

At the heart of Staten Island and Brooklyn Heights, KNA Roofing offered impeccable local roof repair services. Every storm, every wear and tear was easily and swiftly handled by this team of experts. The company made sure that the residents slept under secure roofs and more importantly, lived a safe and stable life.

Revamping Kew Gardens, NY

Roof Remodeling in Kew Gardens took a new turn when KNA Roofing set foot in the area. Homes and businesses began to emanate an allure that never existed before with their sparkling new roofs. The locals not only had the privilege of living under extremely sturdy roofs but also enjoyed the enhanced curb appeal it brought.

The journey of KNA Roofing continued far and wide, transforming each sector it touched. Perhaps the most striking chapter so far, and the testament to their craftsmanship, has been bringing the tradition of Residential Roofing in Sunnyside, NY to a whole new level of excellence. Elegant roofing solutions that offered security and aesthetic pleasure became the norm in this neighborhood.


Today, KNA Roofing stands tall as a reliable partner for roofing services in and around New York. From Staten Island to Brook Heights, and from Kew Gardens to Sunnyside, their roofing prowess continues to shape the rooftops. An embodiment of quality service and exceptional workmanship, KNA Roofing etches an enduring story in the history of New York’s roofs.

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