Expert HVAC Advice for Homeowners in Western New York


As a leading HVAC contractor serving Springville, East Concord, Glenwood, Boston, Colden, and Sardinia, NY, Reding, Inc. understands the importance of proper AC maintenance and timely repairs. In this article, we’ll share valuable tips to help you keep your cooling systems running efficiently and extend their lifespan.

AC Maintenance: Your Key to Comfort and Savings

  • Schedule annual tune-ups: Regular maintenance ensures your AC unit operates at peak performance, reducing energy costs and preventing costly breakdowns.
  • Clean or replace air filters regularly: Clogged filters restrict airflow, making your system work harder and decreasing efficiency.
  • Clear debris around outdoor units: Keep the area around your outdoor unit clear of leaves, grass clippings, and other obstructions to promote proper airflow.

AC Service: When to Call the Professionals

While some minor maintenance tasks can be handled by homeowners, it’s crucial to contact a licensed HVAC contractor for more complex issues or repairs. Here are a few signs that it’s time to call for professional AC service:

  • Strange noises or odors coming from the unit
  • Inadequate cooling or uneven temperature distribution throughout your home
  • Visible leaks or refrigerant lines that need repair

HVAC Contractor Selection: Quality Matters

When choosing an HVAC contractor, it’s essential to prioritize experience, licensing, and customer satisfaction. Reding, Inc. has been serving Western New York for over [X] years, and our certified technicians are equipped with the knowledge and tools to handle any AC repair or installation project efficiently and professionally.


By following these tips and partnering with a reputable HVAC contractor like Reding, Inc., you can ensure your cooling systems operate at their best, providing reliable comfort and energy savings for years to come. Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your AC maintenance, service, and repair needs in Western New York.

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